RM Wags Calendar

Welcome To Royal Marine WAGS Calendar

The Royal Marine WAGs (wives and girlfriends) have published calendars for four years consecutively 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. The calendar is something you can keep on your desk, and it features beautiful photos of these women so that you feel good when you check the date. The money raised goes to the Royal Marine Charitable Trust Fund. These are wives and girlfriends of royal marines deployed in Afghanistan. The photos are sexy so that you will feel cheered up when you see them. The Royal Marine Charitable Trust Fund exists to help the royal marines and their families. While the royal marines are fighting in Afghanistan, their wives and girlfriends got together and had a photo shoot to encourage their husbands and boyfriends. The calendar was shot at the Royal Marines Museum in Portsmouth. The final 12 photos are stunning and sure to brighten your day when you see them everyday. The calendar costs only 1.75 to 2.90 each and is sure to rejuvenate your day everyday when you see it. A copy of the calendar will be sent to the husbands and boyfriends fighting in Afghanistan, in order to motivate them. You can buy the calendar via Facebook or email.